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Securing the digital enterprise requires a strategic plan. The myriad of connections forged by these technologies requires forethought and expertise.  


Info Plus International (IPI) offers Advisory, Security, Cloud and Mobility services that combine to form a complete strategic approach: allowing at any time from any device from anywhere to connect your corporate infrastructure or the Cloud without compromising your security.

Success Stories


  • Cloud Computing: IT Operating Costs Cut 50% for advertising analytics company. Learn how


  • Mobility: Connectivity from professionals' iPads and iPhones to company's network applications made... Learn how


  • Systems Integration: Healthcare products provider achieves aggressive growth as well as recognize... Learn how

Our Customers


Our Vision

When it comes to customer commitment, IPI is focused on results and becoming a trusted advisor. We believe in quality, and value and relentlessly work to give our customer the total IPI experience.  We uphold a high standard so that we can become a valued member of your IT team for the long run.


Ask any IPI customer—client satisfaction drives Info Plus International.


Whatever it takes, the entire IPI organization is behind every project until the customer is 100% satisfied.


Since its inception, IPI has aimed high and has achieved success. Our measure of success remains the same: 100% customer reference ability. Every customer should be able to be given as a reference to any prospective customer.


This philosophy has resulted in a lengthy list of distinguished long-term clients and many valuable accolades expressed by our customers.


Margaret A. Schaninger 

Founder & CEO


What our Clients Say


"Over the last four years, IPI has become a valuable member of our team, one who understands the constraints of a public university while still able to achieve results with complex technology.  The projects have included jump-starting a struggling ITSM implementation, examining the requirements for a Governance, Risk and Compliance system, looking at the needs for an Intrusion Detection/Protection system and helping to manage the Telecom Services group.  With each project, IPI did a excellent job of understanding our challenges, performing the analyses and providing us with the information needed - on schedule." 

Lyle Nevels

Deputy CIO, UC Berkeley


“We knew that IPI had a strong reputation as a lifecycle consultant with a very experienced staff, what really set them apart was not just their breadth of services, but the responsiveness and practical approach they demonstrated.”


 “I estimate that we cut our monthly operating costs from the two data centers by 50% with IPI’s cloud computing solution. Building out the capacity we needed with conventional data centers would have cost at least three times what we’re now spending, and still wouldn’t give us the flexibility to scale up on demand.”

Susan Weber

Senior Vice President of Technology


“Knowing how critical our eCommerce rebranding project was, I knew that we needed outside support. I turned to a consulting company that has always come through for me: IPI. Over the last 15 years, I have worked with IPI for many of my IT and networking projects and have always found them to be highly skilled, dedicated & able to deliver results. I recommend them highly.”


Brad Bell 

Senior VP CIO



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