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 Risk Management

 More than just an assessment

Cyber threats and system vulnerabilities have become the new norm in today's business eco-systems.  A  vigilent, tractable risk management program is essential to ensure a safe, secure environment.


We believe today's risk programs cover these areas of vulnerabilities:


Information Systems Infrastructure:


  • Access control

  • Intrusion Detection/Prevention

  • Firewall vulnerability testing

  • Business continuity/recovery

  • Analytics

  • Governance, Risk and Compliance

Operational Safeguards:


  • Business processes

  • HIPAA/PCI compliancy

  • SOX compliancy

  • Integration controls

  • Vet new technologies

Financial Controls:


  • Fraud Detection/Prevention

  • Resilient processes

  • C-level oversight

  • Strategic

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Determines how your organization will:

  • Assess risk:

    • identify threats and vulnerabilities.

    • what is the likelihood there will be damage?

    • what are the damages likely to be?

  • Respond to risk:

    • ​what is the organization's tolerence for risk?

    • what are the course of actions that should be implemented based on the threat(s)?

  • Monitor risk:

    • ​are your organization's responses effective?

    • how will your responses change your organization's environment?

    • how do you ensure that changes have been implemented?

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