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IPI brings Mobile Device Management to Public Cloud


The Challenge

When the new CIO took over at Prophet LLC, he intuitively knew he had significant issues with his infrastructure and operations.  He turned to IPI to help him identify those issues and build a road map on how to alleviate them.


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Symphony Eliminates Bottlenecks and Cuts IT Operating Costs 50% by Migrating to Cloud


Infrastructure as a Service Model Meets Intense On-Demand Needs and Mitigates Risk from Multiple Points of Failure. “Building out the capacity we needed with conventional data centers would have cost at least three times what we’re now spending, and still wouldn’t give us the flexibility to scale up on demand.” Susan Weber, Sr. VP of Technology


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Mobile Devices Connectivity to Enterprise Network Applications Enabled


Mobility: Connectivity from professionals' iPads and iPhones to company's network applications made possible in record time. "This was a huge win for IT and our business community to gain secure access to their applications from their iPads." Senior Director of IT


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Easy to Use Wi-Fi Without Sacrificing Security


Network security and ease of user access do not have to be mutually exclusive. A nationally ranked university based in Stockton, California, with additional campuses in San Francisco and Sacramento needed a wireless network that would meet the expectations of faculty, staff and students by delivering the same quality and ease of connection to the university’s infrastructure regardless of the device being used and while preserving existing network security protocols and establishing new ones.


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E-Commerce-Rebranding Deployed: Significantly Increases Web Sales and Conversions and Improves Branding/Company Identity


Sonos is a fast growing company that makes wireless high fidelity home music systems and sells them in stores, to channel providers, and direct through their global Web site. Sonos sought to increase its global presence and revenues through rebranding of its products and a complete redesign of the Web site, as well as a renovation of the infrastructure supporting the site.


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Aggressive Growth Achieved and Revenue Opportunities Realized from Strategic Assessment and IT Roadmap


IPI recommended the development of a detailed and strategic roadmap to create an easier transition for incorporating acquisitions into their existing IT infrastructure and IPI provided the roadmap to do this, which was successfully implemented by the client.


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Denial of Service Attack Leads to Security Solution: Implementing Access Control


Historically, Lam’s “trusted” network permitted access to a variety of users including, Lam employees, business partners, and guests opening the door for denial of service attacks.  IPI project management worked with Lam IT management to obtain user buy-in and orchestrate a smooth solution to deployment. Since solution implementation, Lam has experienced no denials of service or unplanned downtime due to malicious or inadvertent intrusions.


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Bill Audit Enables Lam Research to Realize Huge Savings and Credits


When we started working with Lam in 1999, they lacked an in-house inventory database to reconcile against the provider’s invoice billing.  IPI performed a telecom bill audit resulting in developed claims and secured refunds and credits in the amount of $3,437,544. Achieved savings of $6,486,949 over a one year period from the bill audit. The total savings above include approximately a 50% per month cost savings for cell phones and 65% per month cost savings for pagers. Received a total credit of $100,000 on cell phones and pagers.

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Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Plan Developed and Tested for a $10 Billion Corporation


 A new contract from a large international partner required our client to have a Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity Plan (BCP) in place for their Data Centers, which were located in eastern Canada, the East Coast and the San Francisco Bay Area.  IPI was consulted and together with the company developed a Business Continuity Plan that actually works. The biggest victory occurred when an actual disaster happened and the Disaster Recovery site on the East Coast was deployed successfully. Because of the amount of planning that was done and the work completed in collaboration with the client, the client’s business operations did not suffer an extended period of interruption and the disaster did not significantly impact their revenues (which could have been significant for a $10 billion company).


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Leading Software Provider Realizes Millions from Audit


A leading provider of financial software and Web-based services for consumers, small businesses and accounting professionals has grown exponentially over the last few years as a result of increased sales of existing products and through mergers and acquisitions.  While the client was reviewing some of their bills on an on-going basis, most of the telecom services bills were being processed for payment by their Accounts Payables department without approval or rate verification processes. This made it difficult to forecast a telecom budget for many if the client’s IT organizations and left them vulnerable to billing over-charges and paying for services which are not at contract rates or no longer needed.The total savings, refunds, and credits represented a 35% reduction in expenses as a result of our efforts.

And the client now has an accurate inventory of all telecom expenses and processes to better manage the billing.


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"Since 1999, Info Plus International has been best partner. Their consultants are some of the best in the industry and have proved their value over and over, helping us with IT and Telecom consulting projects. They have provided exceptional on-going management. I recommend them highly."

Vice President & CIO, Supplier of wafer fabrication equipment Company


"I have engaged IPI for numerous projects, including large company infrastructure rebuilds, server rebuilds, and bill audits, as well as routine voice and data maintenance, and telecom management. In every instance, I was extremely pleased with the results. IPI makes my job easier, translating into savings for the company."

Director, Business Information Technology, for a large Biopharmaceutical Company

"IPI definitely provided an insight to the contract nuances that will protect us in the future and will save us money!"

Assaf Feldman

Sr. Director, Global Service Delivery

Corporate Information Technology

KLA-Tencor Corp.

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